The David Wilson Foundation is a small charity which is flexible in the projects and people it supports. Here are some of the most common FAQ's:


  • Do you have an application form ?

If you are interested in making an application, in the first instance please complete the online application which will outline the details your project and the aspects for which you need support. Should we wish for a detailed application, we will contact you.

  • Do you fund work anywhere in the UK ?

We usually only support organisations within the East Midlands, particularly Leicestershire and Rutland.

  • Do you fund capital costs ?


  • Do you fund salaries and core running costs ?

If appropriate.

  • Do you respond to all applications ?

Yes, we aim to respond to all eligible applications within 3 months.

  • Can we send supporting information with our application ?

If we need more information, we will ask for it.

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